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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dead-man walking – Life lingers

My colleague Sup who sits right behind me in my office – shows me something or the other then and there and gets disappointed with my “Oh… Ok” as she was apparently expecting a more human reply with some emotions and expressions on the face. I did get double thoughts if I was actually sans emotions – so decided to dig down the facts and came up with the list of things I hate about my life or things that made me change –

1. Dependency on coffee to push my day at work
2. Making a To-Do list and making the day all the more routine/planned giving no room for something called “Life as it comes” or “Surprises” etc. [you won’t believe I actually got a print out of a document titled Anand Srinivasan’s To-Do List before leaving Pune with check boxes to tick]
3. A permanent home with usual faces around for a long time is a long-gone reality – shifting base, technology, food habits, bike and what not sucks big time and ruins the little happiness in life. Man, you can’t keep changing your personal profile every 6 months – give me a break, I want to define a “me” and it should hold good for at least a year.
4. Good-bye, Hey there, How sweet, I understand, Oh God, Ok Sure, No problem etc. – all these mean just the same “Oh sweetie, I wish I could mean all those I say but who has the time you see?”. I’m no exception to this rule, but there are times when I do crave for someone who’s an exception to this rule by my side.
5. Business gets as dirty as it can – networking, knowledge, information, aims and work has no end and this leads to a lot of confusion, dissatisfaction, miserable feeling, loneliness and whole lot of bad things.
6. All this given, I managed to identify a whole lot of things which I’m not doing and might be required to do in the future like – buying grocery, keeping the house clean, cooking (I wish God doesn’t be so cruel on me), washing clothes (given a poll, I bet this would be rated the most difficult thing to do) et. al.

Life's not a re-hearsed Puppet Show

So people don’t blame me for anything weirdo in me – the world out there is making me like this and I’m not an easy customer to just let it go and watch the way life takes me. I’ll definitely try my best to change course for I always dream (though this has dried up these days) of a life full of life – you get a knock at the door saying “hello neighbor”, watching TV Series with home made goodies after dinner, Lunch where you just eat, a friend who doesn’t say “Surprise - guess what Microsoft announces 6 new security patches out of which 3 are rated critical”, rather “Surprise – guess what, we’re going for water rafting in Kerela this weekend”, spend time talking with the family not in a yahoo chat session, talk about that one-off cousin of mine who married without telling her parents and my dad’s uncle’s father-in-laws’ cousin who has high BP and so on, read newspaper which doesn’t read “Infy comes up with 22.5% Q3 growth forecast for – market surges upwards” but “Diwakar, age 22, dark skin, 6 ft tall is missing from house – coz mom refused to cook his favorite Cheese Masala Dosa, if found please revert back to our house phone no. (Diwakar himself would tell you the phone no.!)”.

I know the post lacks clarity and is a culmination of random thoughts and feelings. But I guess I did drive the point across and I want my life to be also like this – structured and organized, yet with a tinge of surprises, randomness in it, for that is what makes life full of life. Hope I make a change in life before it gets too late – till then life lingers. This is my last post from Pune which had taught me lessons aplenty during this first 6 months of my professional life, which would make me more prepared in terms of what look for and how to deal things. Initially I was cribbing big time about Pune, but thanks to a few people (I’m not mentioning their names, for they know it themselves) who I’m sure have now made me miss this place. Thanks for everything!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Jojo’s day out!

“Phew, Finally I got to taste a bit of real life” - is not something which most of us would be vocalizing on a rare juncture; why, one might even frown eyebrows at me conjecturing my simulated attitude towards life. But I’m sure this is not banter in solitude or a squiggle, for I have people craving for real-life in my office itself. Yesterday was one such day which gave me a taste of real life – I can’t believe “real” has become an adjective for life which a few years back was always real for me. My friends Richa and Mandy had invited me for a dinner to their place in Kothrud and I was near Shivaji Putala quite early. So I decided to hang-around the place and check out some shops (which otherwise would have meant some mall) and watch the various kids rides.

I was watching jojo (I’ve named this 3-yr old kid for easy reference in this blog) who was moving her head getting a quick look at the open-to-air snack vendor hard-selling his goods in paper cones, horse and camel ride bhaiyas waiting for her dad to approach them, the lady operating the hand driven space ship ride waiting for enough kids to start the ride keeping the ones already loaded wait. Jojo’s mom and dad take her to the Camel Ride reluctantly wondering if she would cry – but little jojo want to prove she’s brave to big daddy. Yet she was scared of the peculiar looking desert animal – and her mixed feeling of fear and stubborn desire to accomplish this ride was apparent. She did manage to complete the camel lap and you must see the expression of accomplishment in the kid’s face – man, for a moment I forgot everything else in world. Then jojo was taken for the revolving space ship ride, a 1000 eyes is not enough to watch young jojo anxiously searching for her mom and dad every time it revolves and gives a happy shout when she does spot every time! It was an extremely pleasant feeling watching jojo’s parents striking a conversation with another couple (whose kid was also in the ride) asking the usual questions – how old is your kid, have you booked LKG admissions etc. The otherwise serious and people conscious daddy (don’t ask me how I know) didn’t seem to have the slightest inhibitions to yell “jojo, my sweetie... Grip the bar tightly” every single time his priceless angel went past his eyes.

I did it Momy!

Jojo is then headed for a busy bazaar street and I was following the happy family. They entered a textile shop where they were received with warmth, made to sit on floor cushion and offered customized service by 3 salesmen (oh yeah, this is definitely not shopper’s stop or a Benetton – a simple shop down the street). I decided to explore the street further bidding a bye to little jojo. I cherished every step of my walk down that busy street where the aura changes with every 10 steps with the scent of – cologne in the hair salon, new clothes in the tailor shop, soap in the grocery shop, coffee seeds in the coffee shop, alcohol in the liquor shop, chilly powder in the rice mill, ghee in the oil shop, petrol in the workshop, mangoes in the fruit shop, flowers of the platform flower seller to mention a few. I call these the scent of life – I’m sure most of you would say I’m nuts to use a cliché to depict things as simple as that. But I bet this is indeed so special and a rarity to me – spending 15 hrs a day inside a totally closed and temperature moderated office space with no smell in the air and spend the rest of the day partying, shopping and sleeping like a dead man.

Then I headed for the home that Richa and Mandy shares for dinner – frankly what I was expecting to see was a room full of unwashed clothes, posters of Shah Rukh, Dravid, Ricky Martin etc. filling the walls and pizza, Lays and coke for dinner. First shock – a neatly maintained living room with no mountain of clothes, books etc., a Ganesh painting decorating the walls with no hunk and the surprises reached its peak as I watched the Mandy (she’s like me – doesn’t know to cook) served the dishes one by one. Mandy did tell Rich loves cooking, but I didn’t know it does gonna be this good. After a yummy dinner complete with desert and a special curd (which was the only thing Mandy had made ;) with chilly powder (?) ), we headed to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S season 10 and as expected, time just flew past and I had to leave home by 12.30 as I had a presentation the next day at 8am. It was an awesome evening altogether, that I don’t understand why I am leading a mechanical life with no variety at all, when there is so much out there which is all the more inviting?

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hall of Fame – 1

The following is the 1st in this new series I’ve planned that would high-light the great reads I came across in the other blogs that I check. Hope you find it interesting too!

1. This post by Mystic quotes Bill Gates in his latest speech to some High School kids. It’s a set of 11 rules which almost covers all the lessons you need to learn in life – the easy or hard way Click Here

2. This is one of the most hilarious posts I’ve read in the last couple of weeks. Written in typical Brahmin style, Srivats has done a great job in making a whole bunch of people laugh out of their hearts – for those of you who might be tam-brahms (Tamil Brahmins), you would be able to relate to it much better. Ladies and gentlemen presenting Vango Vango

3. How can my good buddy Apar go un-featured here - Check out the really cool description of stage and settings for the final moment at Jean in Paris

4. Well you would have seen movies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, MIB and a whole lot of UFO and other strange and weirdo movies which hardly made sense! If they did impress you, check out the mother of all weirdo stories (which actually is like watching a movie as you read this) – presenting to you Sonia’s Saturday the 14th

5. I got sensitized to the world in general and the under-privileged and less fortunate in particular right from the day I started understanding this world and thanks to a whole lot of people who helped me frame a lot of opinions in life and an approach towards it. This post by Bharti is yet another wonderful eye-opener to the existing disparity and how to make an India void of it, complete with examples, instances, proofs, statistics, foresight, predictions etc. Presenting Bharti’s Hazy.. But getting better..

6. Hey folks, if you’ve not been crying for quite sometime now and in a mood to read some really touching story that would definitely make you weep with a beaming smile on your face, go for this stunning work by the smart and versatile Vivek Mohan – he brings you THE GOD in his blog!

7. Everyone of us must have gone through this at least once in our life-time and irrespective of whether you were a kid or an adult you would have felt the chill in the spine when your dentist pokes your teeth with his tongs and other sharp instruments (wonder what they’re called!) to correct them. But few would have presented a funny description of such an experience – check our Atul’s encounters with his dentist at - An appointment with Dentist

8. If you’re a techie then you’re gonna love this, for this is a cool narration of what happens during those tough times when things literally don’t go your way and finally to your big surprise everything gets fixed with a small change (or in Kishore’s case a small break!). Check out my cousin Kishore’s Hard Day’s Work

9. Men may come and Men may go, but Indians returning from abroad wouldn’t change for ever – for those who just did that high time you feel your guilt and pave the way for a change, for the rest who’d be going soon use this as the 21 commandments when you return. All it takes is just be yourself and don’t forget the ladder which took you to what you are now. Check out this hilarious post, yet driving a lot of meaning that The Mystic quotes in Top 21 things an Indian does after coming from Abroad!

10. And last but not the least – easily the best post I have read in the whole of last month is this gem of a description of nostalgic childhood and other past memories with the family and a whole lot of relatives (few of whom are no more now) by Meera. I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but I could relate to every word of this post. I guess my sweet grand papa’s diary is somewhere around in my house – now I’ve got a renewed vigor of reading it when I get back for my vacation. I make a humble request to my mom and dad to read this post – amma those memories are invaluable, never would I ever dare forget them – I promise and from the bottom of my heart I utter this “Given a chance, I’d worship those people generations ahead of me in my family, whose sacrifices define what I am today”. Check out Meera’s That’s what its all about!

Hope you enjoyed every bit of the Best of the blog posts I’ve read. I’d keep coming up with more in this series as and when come across enough good posts – people in the blogosphere, keep challenging your creativity, set new limits and make me come up with a lot more in this series!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Battles, Blood Shed, Weapons – But fear we not

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high...
I don’t know why he takes me every now and then to the predator’s hands – but God had made me in such a way that I cannot do anything to stop this brutal sacrifice and gore. To be more correct, a series of genocide attempts on me and my friends committed as frequently as once a month – for no sin that we did. Is there no one to question this blatant violation of the rights to be ourselves? But we tolerate all the torments of the sacrifice for the sake of one person – to make him happy. Yesterday was one of those days of sacrifice when…

He walked up to the usual podium of destruction and flagrant blasphemy of sympathy and all we could do is just sit and watch the game which is too biased against us – which we don’t mind for his sake. Today was one of those unlucky days when we have to wait for our turn to get ourselves chopped and watch the rest of the unlucky ones getting chopped under our very eyes, repeatedly without any mercy. The setting was soothing to coax him to take us to death ring – a soft music of “dum maro dum” in the radio, cool air-conditioning, and erotic magazines to flip through. It seemed as if he was telling us “hey have your last bit of fun before you get crumbled into millions of cut pieces – he he he [in a devilish tone]”. But we could do nothing but meekly accept our fate and wait for the moment of glory of the impending massacre.

Bloody Battle sans Fear!

The moment finally did come – I was busy comforting the rest of the less brave folks of my category telling them “Just close your eyes and pray to God and things would be just fine and would get over in a jiffy”. It started pouring heavily (despite we staying inside a closed chamber – for reasons unknown) as if the Gods have given a nod to begin the ritual after an ablution of the scapegoats. I shouted signaling the commencement of The Battle – an unfair battle (which technically is a genocide or sacrifice), which we accepted for the sake of him. We could hear the knifes clanging, two men of valor discussing destruction tactics – one suggesting all the approaches and the other selecting one particular style of destruction of his current preference. We all closed our eyes praying we should not die or deform or change appearance because of this massacre, for we still want to keep him happy – even if that meant we undergoing more of such gory anguish. He nodded his head in acceptance, the radio still playing to his favorite tunes, the water still flowing through our body, the air still chill, the slayer rising his weapon, we shouting “Anything could happen, but fear we not” – the barber made his first cut through us the hair.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Tale of Six Cities – Hi-tech and Down-to-earth Hyderabad!

Hello Folks, I’m back again with the 4th in the series of the tale of six cities – a juxtaposed journeys to some of the popular cities of India that I made over the span of my internship here in Pune (strangely not included in this tale!). It was 8pm on a Thursday evening and I’m still in the office trying to fix an unending list of bugs in one of the most ambitious projects in the history of my company that was strangely allotted to an intern – I (don’t even think that I’m a great geek from this). I have a Volvo to board at 8.30pm from Aundh and I’m yet to inform even my PM of the off I’m gonna take on Friday as I knew it for sure that he won’t let me go otherwise, given the timing and the critical nature of my project which had made me mad and crave for some break by then. At that point, too many thoughts were running in my mind and I was walking to and fro in the corridors and finally decided to move out of the office without telling anyone personally. Well a dozen calls from office, stress levels at its peak, kilo lines of code eating my brains, James Bondish efforts to reach the Volvo made my run-up to the trip that I’ve been looking forward for quite a long time – of course to meet some of my sweetest friends whom I wish could stay with me forever.

My mind oscillated with the usual stars and constellations in the clear dark skies taking me to a world of its own and the occasional horns from the Lorries reminding me of the painful earth and it took quite a while to get myself off the infinite loop of thoughts my brains were involuntarily processing before I sunk into the blanket only to wake up to the shout of the conductor announcing the arrival of Ameerpet. I got off and reached my cousin Deiva’s house. Deiva had always been a loving, caring and smart big brother for all of the younger cousins and Jegan and Prasanna (two other cousins of mine) had come from Chennai to spend some cool time together – now its like four cousins each having his own constraints/work pressures cared a damn to come together and gear up for some real fun together!

Char Minar

Day:1 We went to Old Hyderabad and checked out the famous Char Minar (four minars) from where the Modern City of Hyderabad came to existence – I was lucky to get permission to go to the top of the majestic structure. From there we went to a huge and old mosque nearby – It was burning hot and the floor where we’re supposed to walk bare foot was like fire. Yet I was sunk in relishing the dull beauty of hot weather, the old cleric’s recital of The Holy Quran in a dragging tune, men with white caps performing their daily namaz and women in purdas and kids running around – for reasons unknown, I wanted to stay there glued to this scene for quite a while as my mind was completely at peace and thoughts totally streamlined and eyes focused despite trying weather conditions. Deiva then took me to the famous Bangle and black metal Bazaar and we got some bangles for my mom and my 3 yr old niece. I was simply dumbstruck at the way the people (read as women) coming there bargain the bangle price and I almost fainted when I saw Deiva (he’s a guy only) bargaining better than a sweet Hyderabadi woman! Deiva took me to a Market Place in Secunderabad – it’s been ages since I ever shopped a veg/fruit market, thanks to the invasion of organized food/grocery outlets (or food chains). But my (self proclaimed) civilized brains suffered humiliation as I was walking in admiration of the charismatic vendors, perfect synchrony of activities despite the seemingly random chaos, choice aplenty, the big daddy walking with his kid who keenly observes all that his dad does, a spirited vendor giving 10 bulleted reasons for a 2 rupee hike in the tomato price per kg and lots more – I couldn’t understand the mad craze of the affordable few of the city throwing money in the “so-called” organized food sector as against to the cheaper option which is better than the former in every way possible. Back at home, Deiva suggested me an old Kamal Hasan blockbuster Salangai Oli [E: The Sound of Anklet] instead of my usual late night choice - a Japanese/English horror DVD over a kur-kure and pepsi. After the movie, I slept with the thought of how substandard movies these days have become.

Day:2 The day’s agenda started with we getting the tickets booked in the IMAX theater in the Prasad Multiplex for the 3-D movie Polar Express. In the ticket counter I met Hari and Nithya (both BITSians) out of the blue. Then we went to the Salarjung Museum, which had a huge collection of sculptures, paintings, other artifacts and the famous clock – I hit upon Aditi Nath, Vasutha and the rest of the DoT (BITS) gang there, again out of the blue! Prasanna and Jegan had no clue how I was able to spot some BITSian wherever I go – something that would happen only to a BITSian! We returned to Pizza Hut where I’m scheduled to meet Jimit (my best buddy), VP Marketing of AET Solutions – we both spent time laughing, crying, babe watching (?), bunking classes, brainstorming, bugging each other’s happiness, playing ludo in class together back at Pilani. It’s been almost a year since Jimmy went to US and now I met him to realize time has flown by, we changed a lot, yet I felt the most comfortable with good old Jimmy! By 6pm my cousins left for joining Deiva to book tickets for the Laser Show in Lumini Park and I was in Lifestyle (Begumpet) to meet Becky, GG and Jyoti. By 7pm I was still hanging out with my favorite friends in Coffee Day (Somajiguda), when I got a good 3 phone calls from Deiva asking me to hurry to Lumini Park for the Laser Show – I had to ditch Roma and take a rick for the Laser Show which was marvelous mostly about the history of Hyd. From there we were headed for Taj Tri-Star for an evening dinner – though dancing was banned by Govt rules (weirdo) the music was cool and we headed for Prasad’s for the movie. IMAX experience did live up to the expectations, and the 3-D glasses added to the movie experience, which left people making desperate attempts to touch the dinosaur, snow, and other characters on the movie which appeared as if it was all around you nearby!

Hi-Tech City

Day:3 We started the day with a trek to the famous Golkonda fort which is built by many rulers of the 15th century AD. My body which was stiff with my “18 hrs a day sitting work”, made it very difficult for me to climb up. We also went to the Birla Mandhir from the top of which you could see a lot of Hyd. Tank Bund and Necklace road were so cool like Marine Drive in Bombay. We headed for home to take some rest to leave for the NTR Park in the evening – when I saw Roma’s message. Then I went to Jubilee Hills Coffee Day to meet up with Roma – I was already guilty for ditching her (unintentionally though) the previous evening. Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills and the road to the hi-tech city are some of the coolest places in Hyd and Bangalore, Pune has quite a lot of things to look upon from Hyd (esp. the wide, neat roads, efficient public transport, down-to-earth cost of living). I met Anam, Roma’s younger sister whom she bullies (otherwise Roma is so sweet) and the discussions revolved around her PS1, my PS2, hospital horror novels by Robin Cook (given the fact that she’s doing her PS1 in Global Hospitals), OASIS Pilani Plans and lots more, when I realized it was 7pm and it’s time for me to catch my returning Volvo to Pune. I told Roma; “I don’t want to leave Hyd to office in Pune” may be a hundred times. I had to race against time and make more James Bondish efforts to reach the Secunderabad station to bid goodbye to Jegan (who got nervous as I was carrying his Nokia 6600) and Prasanna!

Finally Deiva dropped me in the place where my Volvo came and I only gave a smile to my big brother who is one rare person you could find in this whole world who would do everything possible to make his loved ones happy. I sat in my usual window seat with the usual stars giving company – I closed my eyes visualizing all that I did in the last 3 days with a mixed feeling of satisfaction (of having met all my lovely friends, cousins and visited all places in Hyd except Film City) and heavy heartedness (about my impending day at work in Pune!). To summarize the whole travelogue – I went to this place called Hyd to meet my loved ones and fell in love with the place, would definitely go there again for a longer stay.

P.S.: Anam, I’d definitely come back again to Hyd for a longer break/work and this time I’d see to it that I spend more time with you. Roma, please don’t ever take your bike without elders and don’t bully your sis. Becky, wish we could have spent more time and don’t crib about PS1, have fun and your sweet was good. GG, all the very best for your masters. Jyoti, I’ll definitely make it for the APOGEE when you’re gonna win BOB! And finally Jimmy, man I miss you terribly and I long for the days we spent in Pilani to come back – Please don’t ever change!

Monday, May 30, 2005

All the Heroics to meet my Sweet Buddies!

It was 7.30pm as I was winding my day fast as per plan to leave home early and get the tickets booked in the Volvo to Hyderabad where I’m scheduled to leave on Thursday evening to meet some of my dearest people. When I was about to press ctrl+alt+del, Rahul looking like a NFS Driver with his helmet and jerk came back to the office with the alarming news that it was raining cats and dogs with heavy lightning every 1 minute. My heart sunk hearing the news, for I didn’t want to give another excuse those who’d be expecting me in Hyd saying I didn’t get the tickets. So I decided to wait, hoping the rains would stop soon – But I had no clue of the impending disaster…

The clock struck 8pm and Manoj who was more restless than me to head home as he got 4 calls already from his wife, did the job of opening the windows and stretching the hands and head out at regular intervals. By 8.45pm Manoj emphatically announced the rest of the unfortunate bike riders of my office “People rain gods have now given a go-ahead for our journeys back home!” and the people shouted “Hurrah, let’s get started!” and with helmets clanging and jerks zipping the four bikers moved to the lift.

After saying Goodnight to the rest, I started my bike in the end and took a full lap of the basement to finally reach the slope (inclined at a good 45 degrees) that would take me to the road. I took the usual 120 degree turn to reach the lower end of the slope and switched to 2nd gear to accelerate through the 3 meter stretch of the slope when my bike skidded due to the watery surface which eliminated the little friction my worn out front tires produce even on a sunny day. I tried to gain back control – but the bike was only turning its weight on my right leg and I realized there is no point to do anything smart there. So I switched back to neutral and pressed both my brakes to avoid any big injury to myself and damages to the bike. It did help a little, but the bike which by now had ascended a good 1 meter, started sliding downwards, much to the agony of my legs. I then managed to jump off my bike and the chowki who was running all this while finally arrived at my bike to help me out. I felt fine, and hence I started driving again this time much more careful and reached halfway through to my house when it started pouring heavily again.

I had no option but to keep driving as I was in the middle of a main road and I was completely drenched in seconds – so there is no point in stopping now. On the way I stopped by an ATM to withdraw money to book my tickets – as I drew my cash and started out I felt something wet in my legs when I pulled my pants I was stunned to see a couple of cuts bleeding. “Oh my God” – I said to myself and started driving again. I finally reached Aundh where the booking offices of Volvo buses are – and got my tickets booked. Phew, a sigh of relief – at least something for all the pain I took. As I started my bike to Baner (where I live), the rain got heavy – this time with eye blinding lightning and deafening thunders. Water in my specs started diffracting the lights that I see from the vehicles coming – making driving all the more difficult. So I had to remove the specs and drive, which was not easy either. I was actually very scared as I drove my bike through the water logged roads with lightning making things very bad.

Finally I did manage to reach home and changed clothes and headed for Chaat Ghar – my usual dinner place. The Punjabi uncle (the proprietor of the place) was as warm in welcoming his usual customer as he always had – this time doubly caring on seeing my small bandage in my leg which was visible as I was in shorts. Chaat Ghar Uncle’s wife all of a sudden appeared with hot vegetable soup (for which I wasn’t charged) to make me comfortable! There are always a few people I hit upon wherever I go that keeps reminding me that – Good people are always there everywhere, but in very few in numbers. That dinner was clam (but for the sound of water dripping everywhere), none to give me company (but for my clear thoughts), cold (but for the warmth of the food on the table and the people around) and my mind empty (but for the satisfaction of me being bold and able to handle tough conditions).

P.S.: I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart - Saurabh Singh, Kishore, Aditi Pany, Divya, Sandya, Suprita, Sonia, and Santosh for calling me up and offering immediate help. I know you people would always be there for me – and this is one reason I any day confidently say the one thing that I cannot live without in this world is “My sweet Friends”. Thank you so much guys – You rock!

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The B School Says… - A Story

Once upon a time, in the happy techie kingdom of Bangalore there lived a handsome, 6 ft tall, 345 pounds, 14 inch chest, the Boogle Coding Contest Winner – the 40grand/month earning Dipro Technologies employee – The Frock (Background Music: The Frock Codes..[10 times]). The Frock finally arrives at his desk in Dipro and yells out “If you could craaaaaaaack what The Frock is coding!” and sits on his chair and gets up after 15 hrs during which the only part of his body which moved were his fingers.

Day in and Day out, The Frock worked with rigor, sincerity, and pride and had always treasured these attributes of his – only till a new employee called The Freak joins Dipro as a fresher (2 yrs junior to The Frock). Now The Freak works in a team that is lead by The Frock. Oh yeah, The Freak also deserves an introduction like The Frock – Around the same time, in the cool babe kingdom of Bangalore there lived a smart, 5.8 ft tall, 180 pounds, 10 inch chest, the TITS Tilani Lowest GPA Contest Winner – the 40grand min of flirting and chatting/month spending Dipro Technologies employee – The Freak (Background Music: The B School Says…[10 times]).

No you don't have to wear the mask!

The Freak – many think had managed to achieve everything (including his job in Dipro) in a freaky fashion. But The Freak knows, how foolish people are – for he knows that even though he seems to have lots of fun and works less, he works smartly and is very clear of what he wants to do in life. The Freak unlike The Frock, wants much more money, doesn’t want to work under someone for a lifetime, and wants to travel places, meet people of different cultures, and do business across the globe and lots more. In short, to summarize The Frock and The Freak,

  • The Frock – 9-5 job, a happy small family living in a calm house in the suburbs, a good small car, weekend movies, stay in touch with family and friends
  • The Freak – 19*7 week, an understanding family living in the pent-house in Bay Area while at business and Farm House in Venice while at vacation, a sporty BMW, weekend so what?, vigorously network with Big people all the time

That said, The Freak decided to change his manager The Frock for the good. It wasn’t difficult for the street-smart The Freak to win The Frock’s confidence and trust and in a month The Freak became The Frock’s favorite team member and their relationship was getting closer from PM-fresher to good friends and much more. They started going together out for a walk down the lush green lawns of Dipro in evenings when The Freak started driving the point across. It all started as fun when The Freak started saying that “I eat the way the B School says, I work the way B School says, I’m taking Scuba Diving classes coz the B School says, for God sake – I take Salsa Classes (and pulled a couple of muscles) coz the B School says I should, I take a lift instead of steps (Oh my God) coz the B School expects me to make use of the available resources optimally, and literally I do this and I do that – why because the B School wants it that way.

It was all fun and they just laughed out together for no reason, but slowly The Frock started realizing what he’s been doing thus far would lead him to no where and the passion in the eyes of The Freak now seems to have really motivated The Frock to aim higher in life and made him believe there is nothing like “my cup of tea”! Slowly but steadily, The Frock changed and started being much more dynamic and flexible and this resulted in a dual result – transforming Dipro into an organization with the steepest learning curve for all on one hand and indulging himself into diversified activities giving The Frock a larger sense of work satisfaction and a feeling of living life to the fullest extent on the other.

Moral: Never become too busy to sit down and do some soul searching and identify what is that you want to do in life coherent to your capabilities and natural strengths. Life out there could be maddeningly busy and routine, but it’s your ability to squeeze time to pause and figure out the distinction between your need and want, makes you a class apart and makes you truly realize you’re potential.

The B-School Grady

Warning: People who are aged below 18 years are advised not to read the following lyrics for it might contain usage of words that are inappropriate to your age.

Disclaimer: The following rap was written in good spirit of driving the point (whatever it is) across. Resemblances to real-life characters or incidents are mere coincidental and no pun intended. Usage of sentence structures from existing musicals could be digested for I don’t see any commercial benefits of this rap in the foreseeable future and neither the content that follows is copyright protected nor am I entitled to license this material to be printed/emailed/copied in any kind of storage and retrieval systems.

The B School Grady!?!

May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?
Will the real B School Grady please stand up?
I repeat - Will the real B School Grady please stand up?
We’re gonna have a problem here..

Oh yeah.. he’s what I’m talkin’ bout..
The wanna-be B School Grady tout..
He get up in the mornin’
And works till the evenin’
Starts dreamin in the night
Of makin’ to a B School - he might..


He might.. He might.. He might.. He what..?
I bet the 70 pound extra padding of my ass on that..
I could see ya rubbin’ eyes
But I could tell ya guyz
That the dirty moron workin’ all time..
Would just listen to a play school rhyme..


A rhyme – did you hear that honey?
For who I am – your fair AdCom Lady..
So what white ass? Why should I listen to you babe?
For I’m gonna f*ckin’ decide ur B School fate
Aoouch.. No no no.. don’t phunk with my heart..
Oh baby I trustya.. But u gotcha make a promise on ur part..


On ur part, a promise – le’me get it straight..
Burn ass, you don’t – in losing ur job fright..
Open eyes, you would – to the under-privileged
Build venture, you could – for you become the most-privileged
In short live up to passion, thou shall – do all this, if you
On the horizon, Harvard is child – may The Force be with you!


Well, that was a small attempt to write a rap! Now what would follow this is another result of the new factor that has started determining the way I live - The B School Factor! The next post would be a STORY! So watch out for that - till then goodbye!